School Data - Attainment and Progress

At Oakmeadow, we have continued to improve progress for our pupils, with our data being above national consistently. We are very proud of the hard work from your children this year across the whole school, the attitude for learning across school is amazing. Each day it is wonderful to see smiles as they go about their work.

As a leadership team we would like to share with you how immensely proud we are of all of our pupils and also of the talented staff we have here at Oakmeadow.  Sometimes it is easy to not realise the work that goes behind the daily learning and the extra hours given to extra curriculum activities and events, so it is our opportunity to say a thank you to all our staff here and you also as parents, who contribute with supporting the school daily.

As a school we have worked hard to continue to improve teaching and learning, recognising we are a good school with outstanding features but striving for excellence.  This year we have continued the trend that began in 2014 of being above nationalin good level of development achievement in Reception, so our youngest children are making exceptional progress in EYFS and getting ready for their next journey into Key Stage One. 

Our Year 1 children have continued the trend of achievement in phonics and sit well above national in the phonic screening test and this is alongside Year 2 children (who are tested at the end of KS1 prior to moving to KS2) have yet again continued to achieve well above national in all areas

The children in Year 6 have worked hard preparing for their SATs and we are pleased to share the following: (provisional data released and will be verified in September 2017)




Whole Cohort

Pupils Meeting Expected Standard


% Estimated from Ks1 data

National data for 2017

% Actual school  results

School difference to national


% Estimated

Pupils who are achieving greater depth


% Actual



Value added by school (based on 2016 scores and will be reviewed when national data is released)


(National confidence score is the average taken nationally from all schools)





Above by 22%







Sig+ above  to national





Above by 2%







Above national confidence data





Above by 13%







Above national confidence data





Above by 15%






As you can see we have exceeded the estimated achievement from the children’s KS1 results and we also are sitting well above the national achievement in all areas of learning and our progress measures are all above national.  We are extremely proud of this achievement and this validates the now excellent teaching across Oakmeadow.

We would like to again take the opportunity to thank you at home for your support and contributions, reading at home, practising those spellings and arithmetic work all help to make a difference. Thank you.

We cannot ‘test’ resilience, independence, resourcefulness and risk taking. However, we are a brain stretching school. This means we value other aspects to individual pupils’ developments alongside reading, writing and mathematics. Please look at the classes section to see what our children are also proud of achieving. This section gives you our results, a school achieving mostly above national standards and continuing to rise.


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