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At Oakmeadow we have continued to improve progress for our pupils, with our data being above national now for two years.  There has been a huge impact to our writing outcomes and maths for our pupils across school.  In writing the percentage of pupils making more than expected progress in writing has risen dramatically, with 98% all making expected progress in 2015!  Over half of our children make three level progress in writing, we are very proud of this.

In maths 94% made expected progress, with 43% making more than expected progress…

We would like to say a HUGE well done to the children, staff and the parents that we know work hard at home supporting the school with homework.  Thank you.

The huge school improvement drive this year is reading and reasoning in mathematics.  We are looking at how we can improve the interdependence of our pupils daily, develop their ownership of learning for life and securing skills we feel will ensure they grab opportunities as they go through life and give their best to them!

Oakmeadow CE Primary and Nursery constantly reflects and reviews achievement with Governors and strives for excellence daily. We believe success comes in a number of ways, academically shown in results and how our children live their lives. The way the pupils interact, respond in situations, look after each other and feel about their learning is also a key ingredient for us at Oakmeadow.

We cannot ‘test’ resilience, independence, resourcefulness and risk taking. However, we are a brain stretching school. This means we value other aspects to individual pupils’ developments alongside reading, writing and mathematics. Please look at the classes section to see what our children are also proud of achieving. This section gives you our results, a school achieving mostly above national standards and continuing to rise.

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