Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil premium is a designated amount of money that the government allocates to each school, based upon a number of factors which are linked to the perceived deprivation of certain pupils in school. This money is meant to be spent directly or indirectly on those pupils who are considered vulnerable because they are not meeting National Expectations in terms of attainment. Within our school, the money is spent on children entitled to free school meals, children with special educational needs and those children that are looked after children. Within our school however, all children regardless of the aforementioned groups have pupil premium money directed towards them directly or indirectly if for any reason they become vulnerable due to their attainment levels.

At Oakmeadow pupil premium is used in the following ways:

All classes have funding available that allows us to subsidise trips, such as educational visits and experiences. These trips or visits again help develop pupil’s understanding of skills, concepts and facts.  For all pupils it acts as a motivational tool to help them enjoy their learning.

Impact: 100% of pupils participate fully in their learning for the vast majority of the time.  We can evidence this through the leadership monitoring and the progress data shows that there is good learning for pupil premium children overall.

Children that fall into a SEN range of ability or a low average group for their year group receive some of the following. It must be made clear not all access all of the following, it is very much needs lead and interventions and support are targeted so that provision matches need.

SPLD teaching assistant based in EYFS and within KS2,  across the  full year. This allows for a specialist assistant to come and work with specific children and provide specialist support materials to use in class with individual children.  Thus, the work is very specific to the needs of the individual.

Impact:  100% of Children receive appropriate provision in order to make progress.


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