Safeguarding at Oakmeadow

Safeguarding is one of our most important duties as a school.  We takes this very seriously and sometimes we appreciate parts of this cause inconvenience,  however we believe this to be worth it when it comes to keeping our children safe!

We fully involve all stakeholders in Safeguarding and the children play a huge role in ensuring the school is safe, we look after each other and live in our world in a respectful way.  Our values at Oakmeadow fundamentally install this in everything we do.

To ensure we get it right for every child we:

● We value all the pupils in our school equally.

● To ensure that all pupils have equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities, including a focus on staying safe both in life and online. 

● The aims of education for all children are the same, regardless of their difficulties or disabilities.

● It is the responsibility of all teachers to identify and meet the SEN of pupils. In this, they can draw on the resources of the whole school.

● Every child is entitled to have his or her particular needs recognised and addressed, there are no unsafe places at school and we have worry boxes to share how we are feeling.

● To offer high quality support to ensure that all needs are met.

● To maximise the opportunities for students with special educational needs to join in with all the activities of the school.

● All pupils are entitled to experience success.

● To seek the views of the child and take them into account.

● To acknowledge and draw on parent/carer knowledge and expertise in relation to their child.

We annually complete an audit for the local authority, reviewing every 3 months within school alongside our safeguarding policies.

If you have any safeguarding concerns please let Mrs Whelan or any one of the designated leaders know or contact 0345 6789 021

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