Parent View

Parent View:

We recommend all parents to use parent view regularly and update at least every 6 months, sometimes views can change!  This is reviewed by Governors regularly and we use this as an evaluation tools for school improvement.  In addition, we complete a paper version annually.

Recently we have reviewed and evaluated the feedback about sharing information.  This is why we have completely changed our website to ensure it is easy to use and has all the information quickly available.  also we have changed our report format to provide clearer information to parents.  Alongside this we offer a number of workshops to help parents see what the learning looks like, tell us what they feel and share with us both the successes and areas for development.  We like to work as a team with our parents, where we both know we have responsibilities to support our children and openly communicate to ensure it is a happy, productive school with an open door policy.

We sincerely encourage all parents to feedback…we like to hear the good things as well as the things you are frustrated with!

If there are ever any issues and concerns…there is an open door and we welcome you to come and chat.  Please let us try and put things right.

Please let us know…

Things we feel we can shout about at Oakmeadow:

  • New curriculum has been implemented successfully with a new assessment tool to support life without levels.
  • Developed sense of purpose and positive team work, with a ‘moving, can do’ ethos. There is now a clear culture of high expectation in the school and work on the new curriculum has raised the pitch of learning.
  • An embedded and effective Teaching and Learning policy is in place – with clear essential practice that is consistent across the school, which is underpinned with a clear and robust monitoring system. Practice across school is good, with outstanding features.
  • TA support in classes has developed in strength and a real ‘teaching team’ is now in place to support raising achievement across school.
  • APS progress tracking shows that this has doubled in most cohorts from Jan 2013. Where progress was averaging 0.5-07. It is now averaging 1.5-1.7 each term and overall over 3.5 plus in every year group across school now. Data for 2015 evidences a good school. Evidencing good progress is now validated by outside monitoring.
  • Whole school leadership and shared responsibility across the school community is rapidly developing and there is a high focus on middle leadership now.
  • EYFS offers a really good space for pupils to develop in foundation stage and this provision has outstanding features. The achievement in this area is a real strength.
  • Forest school teacher is in place within school so this provision can be an ongoing part of the school curriculum and is an active entitlement in EYFS.
  • Welcoming, attractive, happy, safe and lively environment
  • Relationships with parents are developing with a lot of positive feedback over 2015. This can be challenging but we are continually working on communication.
  • Governors are accountable and attending staff meetings, staff training and leadership sessions within school. In addition, more Governors’ CPD is being taken up, so there is a greater understanding of the role. We are now looking at focus visit to support monitoring
  • Special Educational needs has a tight monitoring system in place, clearly identified provision mapping and pupils progress review systems to support raising achievement for SEND pupils. The progress for these pupils has impacted in internal data.
  • Whole school approach in maintaining a healthy school and addition food curriculum with ‘Nanny Sally’ home cooking opportunities.
  • Good and varied provision of extra-curricular activities – a variety of clubs available.
  • Music and Sports Provision with specialised teachers and coaches in school.
  • Taking into account the views of the pupils with school council work and pupil surveys, together with a high level of opportunity to be elected to positions of responsibility, ie – school council, prefect, Head Boy/Head Girl.
  • The quality of teaching is good with some outstanding practice developing and there is no inadequate teaching in school.
  • Pupil safety and behaviour is outstanding.
  • Leadership and Management is good, with good capacity to continue to improve.
  • Pupils with disabilities, those with special educational needs and those eligible for the pupil premium make good progress now mainly in all areas of the school.
  • Pupils and parents are exceptionally proud to be part of the school community.
  • Leaders, including governors, are relentless in their drive to keep improving teaching and pupils’ achievement. They check regularly how well pupils and the whole school are doing and know exactly what they need to do to improve further.
  • Pupils feel very safe in school. The school has contributed to safety awareness on a local and national level. This is evidenced in parental questionnaires.
  • All staff are committed to ensuring that every child makes good progress in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Interventions for all groups of pupils regardless of their ability, have an impact on pupil progress and learning


Creativity is a driver to engage pupils in learning; the school has invested in training and resources to ignite the curriculum and assessment tools to ensure the pitch is accurate and robust in all year groups.