Are children allowed pencil cases? We have all the resources ready for the children,  there is no necessity to provide any equipment. However we respect that some children like to bring their own. If so,  we ask they only bring a small pencil case (which can accommodate a few items)  and it is their own responsibility.

What do I do if my child has a medical appointment? There should only be emergency appointments made during school time if possible.  However we appreciate there are times when this is necessary,  or you may have ongoing consultation.  We ask for an appointment card/medical letter  if possible to photocopy if they are ongoing.  This is for our school based confidential records which are only viewed by our Education Welfare Officer and Ofsted.

Can I contact my child’s teacher? Absolutely! We have contact books that the children use daily, or every teacher has an email address that you are free to use. If you are unable to find this, please email to admin or the head who will pass it on.

Can I request holiday leave during term time?  We follow the policy under Shropshire Council,  which clearly states term time leave can only be given in exceptional circumstances.  This is seen at Oakmeadow as times of trauma for families (eg bereavement/family crisis) or  a one off situation which is classed as an emergency and when requests are made the more information you can provide will support us being able to evaluate the request against the criteria.  Please note shift hours/work commitments can not be used as exceptional circumstances.