Useful links

Below are useful links for great ideas and resources that support our teaching of computing, both as a subject in its own right, and to enhance learning creatively across the curriculum through the use of innovative technology. Please read the synopsis for each site to see how these sites could help to further inspire an interest in computing at home amongst our children, as well as provide you with the necessary skills and understanding to aid your child.

Amazing ICT: the website of Richard Smith, former teacher and current Local Authority advisor for Shropshire Council.  Through his site, Richard demonstrates many examples of innovative ways in the teaching of coding and robotics, most notably through his scratch channel.


ICT with Mr. P: a class teacher at DavyHulme Primary School in Manchester, Mr P, Lee Parkinson, is a leader in the use of using iPad apps creatively to enhance learning across the curriculum, particularly focusing on using them to enhance the English grammar and writing curriculum.  Full of fantastic and innovative ideas, he regularly updates his blog with feedback on ideas he has tried out in class.  Mr Ostermeyer has benefited from CPD with him on two occasions, and has already implemented the use of some of these apps in Y6 this year.


iLearn2 is the first Primary Computing website that can be used by teachers, pupils and parents. Teachers can subscribe to find lesson resources, keep up-to-date with technology in education plus provide access for pupils. Parents can also subscribe for their own resources.  

Pupils can login for hundreds of self-paced video tutorials. Includes Kodu, Scratch, Microbit, Hopscotch, HTML, a 10 lesson iPad project, Minecraft and more. All linked to the Primary Computing Curriculum and accessible on EVERY DEVICE.  There are also hundreds of video tutorials, activity ideas, parent tips and advice to support learning and help keep children safe online. This includes resources and parent controls for different computers, tablets and games consoles.