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Welcome to Oakmeadow’s  kids page. We have lots of great clubs after school like football ,netball and lots more. Maths and English is lots of  fun. At lunch we have fun games and we take it in turns on the playing equipment.


Here are some Cool Maths Games.

Cool Maths Games


We have found out you can do My Maths homework on an ipad what you have to do is download Puffin  Academy then go on to it and in the search My Maths and then type in your logins.



Click here to do some cool English games

This has lots of cool games on this link.


Cyber bullying is when you get bullied online it could happen on twitter or facebook. We have done a bit about it in class.


We have  lots of events here like discos, firework night,fairs and MORE.


This page has been edited by Ruby Wallin and Charlotte Summerfield,we hope you like it