Mrs Whelan

I have the greatest privilege in the world by being a head.  I am able to help mould the education of our children and ensure they get the opportunity to develop life long learning skills.  I was once told by a teacher  that I might never do any good in life,  because I constantly asked too many questions!  So it was then and there I decided to teach,  so no child felt like I did that day!

My career started in Newham,  East London in a school full of 950 pupils!  It was a huge Victorian building,  with no fields for miles.  This is why looking out at our beautiful facilities at Oakmeadow makes me grateful.  I then travelled south west to Plymouth,  as I married a sailor!  After four fabulous years I returned to my hometown and worked for two years at secondary,  before returning to primary and pursuing senior leadership.  Every year I have spent in education I feel grateful for,  it’s a pleasure to work with children and I’ve never met a teacher who isn’t committed and passionate about what they do.

So it’s my experiences of being a ‘questioner’  and my complete dedication to doing my best,  giving my best that I bring every day to Bayston Hill.  This is why I promote the asking of questions,  I encourage all the pupils and the community to be  a part of your school and never let anyone make you feel you cannot achieve!