Mrs Morris

I’ve been a member of the teaching team at Oakmeadow since September 2014. It’s a privilege to work alongside such a dedicated team of teachers and non teaching staff who put the children first within a fabulous setting.

I love working with children who have such a thirst for knowledge and want to succeed in so many ways. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of working in Key Stage Two as the first ten years of my teaching career have been spent in Key Stage One. Understanding where the children have come from is vital in the early days of transition into a new Key Stage.

As well as being a class teacher, I am also the school's SENCO which gives me the unique opportunity to work with a range of children and families across the entire school. I am passionate that all children deserve and receive the same opportunity to make progress and achieve. In this role, I can help to make a difference and work with our dedicated team of teaching staff to ensure they do the same.

I’m a keen sports fan.  As well as rugby, I enjoy watching football, cricket and athletics. I’m a Tottenham Hotspur fan to my family’s disgust; who are all Manchester United fans.  I enjoy the odd run and maybe one day I’ll get to do the London Marathon.

In school, I lead the Young Voices club with Miss Rudd.