Mrs Morris

I’ve been a member of the teaching team at Oakmeadow since September 2014 , so I still consider myself to be a newbie. It’s a privilege to work alongside such a dedicated team of teachers and teaching staff. I love working with children who have such a thirst for knowledge and want to succeed. I’m certainly looking forward to the new challenge of working in year 3. Moving with the children up into Key Stage 2 will be an exciting journey for us all.

As well as being a class teacher I am also the SENCo for the school which gives me the unique opportunity to work with a range of children and families across the entire school. I am passionate that all children deserve the same opportunity to make progress and succeed. In this role I can help to make a difference and work with our dedicated team of teaching staff to ensure they do the same.

I’m a keen sports fan.  As well as rugby, I enjoy watching football, cricket and athletics. I’m a Tottenham fan to my family’s disgust; who are all Manchester United fans.  I have recently taken up running and to my surprise I’m enjoying it. Maybe one day I’ll get to do the London Marathon.