Mrs Clode

When I became a teacher I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be teaching at my old primary school.  I was the same age as the children in my class when I moved here with my parents from Sheffield.  The school was called Longmeadow then and the Headteacher was Mr Beddoes.  It was here where my fascination and passion for maths began and still remains, which I enjoy sharing daily with the children.

There have been many changes since then but the enthusiasm of the children and the support from the parents in Bayston Hill remains as positive as ever, it is a real pleasure to live and work in our community.

My favourite part of the day is 8:50 am when 30 smiling ‘caterpillars’ come through the door eager to learn, some even ask Mrs Whiteley and I if they can come on a Saturday and Sunday too !

When I am not ‘being a teacher’ I love travelling and visiting my own children who are ‘all grown up’.  This summer I am off to China to visit my son, who is currently living there, and I am looking forward to seeing the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army and the pandas at Chengdu.