Miss Reece

Firstly, I have been a member of Bayston Hill community for the whole of my teaching career. It has been a pleasure to  have made my contribution to the academic and social development of many of the children in the village over the years. Seeing them grow and mature into young adults is a wonder and I can’t believe how quickly time passes. It is amazing to see their achievements.

When I began my career, I specialised in Early Years Foundation Stage, where the focus was centred on providing each child with their own pathway to learning based around an investigative, practical but structured approach. Although I did not stay in Early Years for long, no matter where I have worked within the school Y ear2 -Year 6, I have maintained these three key approaches at the core of my teaching. I hope to inspire and enthuse the children by teaching to look closely, play and experiment and then apply practically what they have learnt.

I love being a teacher,  it allows me to be a key lead on developing the pupils curiosity.

Welcome to Oakmeadow.